How to Raise Your Vibration

Welcome to the We Are Better by Design podcast. I am your host, Andrew Sharp, and I am incredibly grateful that you have chosen to tune in today. Today\’s episode is all about how to raise your vibration.

Do you ever have a morning where you wake up and you just want to stay in bed? Or even after you\’ve gotten up, maybe you did plan your day, maybe you even spent time meditating and you\’ve gotten everybody around you settled, you just don\’t feel settled yourself. Well, I want you to know this, it\’s OK, you\’re human. We have feelings, emotions, life, sometimes we just need a little rest. And here\’s the thing with these moments. It\’s just that. It\’s just a moment. It doesn\’t actually mean anything about you. Today\’s episode is all about how to raise your vibration.

So I want to give you six ways that I use to shift my energy when I\’m feeling like it\’s just not the best day ever.

Move Your Body

The first thing that you can do is move your body. Oftentimes when you\’re feeling low vibe, it\’s because we have some stuck energy and choosing to move your body becomes a physical representation of us choosing to move and expand ourselves. You can go for a walk outside, maybe down the hall, or if you\’re in an office, just walk around the office building, just get your body moving.

I keep some push-Up bars in my office and I\’ll take a minute and just do 30 quick push ups to get my blood flowing. Maybe you\’re down for some dancing. Pairing movement with good music is a great combination to lift that energy. Even if you can\’t dance, like me, nobody\’s watching and you will feel better afterwards.

Do Something Fun

Idea number two is do something fun. Did you know that children smile up to 400 times a day while adults smile only about 20 times a day? Look, I am incredibly guilty of this. I apparently have a very angry looking, resting thinking face and chalk it up to my prominent eyebrows and deep set blue eyes less brooding, more something\’s not right. But it is OK, I\’m just thinking. My wife will often be like, Are you OK over there? And I\’m like, you know, I was just trying to think about something. I just looked kind of angry. But I recognize that I can also choose to smile.

And even if you smile right now, you just instantly feel better in your body. And so choosing to do something fun can shift that energy. There are countless videos online of babies laughing or puppies running around or comedians being really funny. Smiling and laughing are so good for us. Sometimes I simply put down the productivity hat and I put on my fun creative hat.

I have a couple of projects that I\’m working on that they just feel fun. And so just to give myself twenty minutes to work on those, it lets me shift my thoughts and my energy for a while. Back in episode forty two, I shared about being a parent, working from home with kids around. Sometimes just playing a game with my son is just a fun break and a reminder of why I\’m actually doing the work that I am. Plus, he\’s just a funny kid and he probably smiles more than 400 times a day and laughs at everything. So hello to being around somebody with an infectious laugh. It\’s so good.

Take a Nap

Another option for you is simply to take a nap. Now I know you\’re like, I don\’t know about that. But for real, taking a nap is a natural way that our body, mind and subconscious reset themselves. We\’re designed to work in seasons. Nature has seasons. We have seasons normal and waking and sleeping is in many ways a season. There\’s a normal ebb and flow to things. And much like the ocean and its tides, they go in and they go out. Giving yourself time to just close your eyes and rest can be like a magical reset. If you pair this with an easy intention as you go to sleep, you\’ll give yourself a powerful dose of reset energy. Something like As I sleep, I am filled with new energy and wake rested and refreshed. If you repeat this as you fall asleep, you\’ll start to teach your mind to work on your behalf while you\’re sleeping. Super cool way to up our vibe.

Change Your Location

The next idea I have for you is to change your location. And this pair as well with moving or doing something fun. Simply getting out and doing the work that you\’re needing to do in a different place. It can be an instant energy booster. I would often go out to our local coffee shop. Right. And it was just, it was such a great way to remove the everyday distractions. I could put on headphones, turn up the music and just crank fully focused in on things. And so maybe you have a deck outside with the weather warming up or even sitting in a living room or kitchen counter. Give yourself a new place to work. It can bring in a new energy.

Twenty Minute Cleanup

Another idea is just do a twenty minute cleanup. Now I know you might be thinking, \”Cleaning? That\’s not a super high five activity,\” but hear me out. Straightening up your space can create new energy right where you are. Sometimes having cords and wires and papers all around you, it creates a feeling of open loops, things that are undone. And when we are surrounded by this physically, it creates an energy around us that we are leaving things undone.

So set a timer and give yourself 20 minutes just to straighten up your work area. You can get out a candle, you can clean drink rings off your desk, put away the books, or pick out just one book that you\’re going to read and put the rest of way. Wind up wires, slide behind a desk just so that it feels new and fresh for you. Taking care of your workspace, it will bring an energy of respect to the work that you\’re doing, and we\’ll give you an added feeling of accomplishment.

Connecting with Others

The last idea I have for you is about connecting with others. When you connect with others, it can raise your vibe, right? You can offer gratitude or compliments to another person. Say you go and you\’re like, I\’m just going to go through, drive through and get Starbucks, offer a compliment to the barista that makes your drink or takes the money, like whatever it is, look for places where you can put some of that positive energy into somebody else. It moves the focus off of how you\’re feeling and it connects your energy with another. Right. When we give we are honoring this creation process. Sometimes I\’ll just shoot a text off to a friend or reconnect with somebody on messenger. Not to get anything, but just to offer them gratitude and encouragement.

Now, something to be aware of here is your tendency towards introversion and extraversion, right? Introverts, they get energy from being alone and tend to process things internally while extroverts get energy from being around people and tend to process out loud. So think about this, like if you went to a party and at the end of the night, when you come home, are you super energized and you have a hard time going to sleep? You have to, like, find a way to wind down? Well, chances are you\’re an extrovert. But if you get to the end of the night, you\’ve been at this party and you just feel exhausted and you\’re ready to head right to sleep, could be a good chance you\’re an introvert. And that\’s me. Either way, finding ways to encourage others will also give you a little energetic bump.

So there you go, six ways that I shift my energy when I\’m feeling lower vibe. Hit me up on social media, you can find me at @IamAndrewSharp or @Sharpteambetterbydesign. And let me know which one of these are you going to try. Thank you so much for listening, everybody. I\’m just so grateful that you tuned in and that we had this chance to spend this time together. Be blessed, everyone take care.

Thank you for listening. I love connecting with people and helping them elevate both in life and business, and this is just one of the ways I get to do that. Now, it\’s up to you to take what you heard, synthesize anything that resonated with you and choose to add it into your life. Because when we do that, we create a life that is better by design.

Show Notes

Ever hit a lull in your day where you just start dragging? Maybe you don\’t feel inspired to create or you just keep shake the thoughts in your head? 

It\’s OK! You\’re human! And on today\’s podcast we\’ll look at 6 ways you can break out of your funk and get back to kicking butt!

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