Is YouTube Right for You?

Have you ever seen a spinach leaf? I know it\’s kind of a weird question. I was watching a show with my son and these scientists saw that the veins in a spinach leaf looked like veins in the body. So they started experimenting. They found that they could run liquid through these leaves and after a couple of days, all of the color was washed out. Essentially making it look like a plastic leaf, completely clear. They were really cool looking.

They are now experimenting with not just flowing this cleaning liquid through them, but flowing blood through the spinach leaf with the idea that this could be used with someone who\’s having trouble with blood flow in their body. Essentially using a spinach leaf\’s veins to supplement the veins in the body. And I saw this and I was like, \”That can\’t happen. That\’s crazy!\” And the interviewer had a similar reaction. He was like, \”Yeah, it\’s just a spinach leaf.\”

The scientists responded and looked at him and just said, \”yeah, until you change it.\”

This idea is the purpose of my monthly membership group for entrepreneurs and solo partners called The Informed Entrepreneur(s). If that\’s you, if you run your own business or work for yourself, I want to talk to you for a moment. Everyone else you are welcome to listen in too, totally. OK.

One of the things that I have found working with technology over the past 20 years is that people do what is familiar to them. So how do you expand? You have to expose yourself to things that are not familiar. You put yourself around people who know more than you and people who are also actively choosing to expand themselves. In this group, we\’ll get into specific trainings each month so you can take clear steps towards implementing them, everything from email automation to SEO to repurposing content. If there\’s something that would move the needle for you, let me know and we\’ll develop something and the whole community will benefit from.

I want you to create a better experience for your audience, create greater ease for yourself, create more profit for your business. This is my goal for you each month. I\’d love for you to join me and make these your goals too.

You have a business, you have resources, you have abilities that you are applying in a certain way. Sometimes all you need to grow to the next level or to have that breakthrough moment is applying what you\’re doing in a different way.

I\’m extending my founder pricing to the end of May. You can give the group a try for two weeks and if it\’s not for you, I\’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked. It\’s simply looking at things in a different way.

Just like on today\’s podcast. I want to talk to you about something that you are familiar with, but maybe you haven\’t viewed in this certain way.

Hands up to anybody who has ever watched a video on YouTube. My guess is that every single person right now has their hand in the air. I know mine is.

It\’s estimated that YouTube will receive around one trillion video views this year, which is a ridiculous number. It\’s enough for every single person on the planet to watch roughly one hundred and twenty five videos each. Everybody from the person who is 100 years old down to that brand new baby, 125 videos each. That\’s a lot of YouTube watching. Now, it\’s an incredible resource for entertainment. I\’ve watched full seasons of TV shows on there. I have channels that I love to watch. I just want to take a ten minute break. I like to listen to music on YouTube. I\’ll use it to put on inspirational speeches. I use meditations that I find on there. It\’s been an invaluable resource to find out how to do something technical.

That\’s all on the consumption side, I want to flip things today and instead of looking at it from the consumer side, flip to the creator side.

One of the most incredible things about YouTube is that literally anybody can be on YouTube. The barrier to entry is super, super low. All that it takes is for you to sign up to post videos is a Google account. It\’s free, it\’s easy and you get tons of other benefits.

I love the Google infrastructure. I\’m a big fan of it. I like setting it up for clients. I love using it for myself. And there are countless resources on, where else, YouTube that walk you through how to set this up. Now, I offer this with my clients training to walk you through how to set it up, what to do, where to do it. If you have an idea, you can simply put it up on YouTube. It\’s not difficult to do. You get the basics, get rolling and you can just start putting up content.

The second reason why I think it\’s so great is that it\’s amazing for repurposing content if you are spending hours making videos for Facebook or IGTV or if you just do long, long format lives or those sorts of things, you can take these and repurpose them into YouTube videos. After talking with one of my now clients, she was posting a ton of incredible content to Instagram, Instagram TV, and it\’s where she has a really big audience.

It was a total no brainer when I saw those to be putting them onto YouTube. Right like that content goes on to YouTube and it\’s searchable, it\’s findable.

You\’ll want to do a little bit of editing to make these things more friendly. Make sure that you are aligning your goals with YouTube, with the videos, things like having a short intro at the beginning, inviting people to follow your channel, leave a comment. Not too difficult to do. Most computers actually have software already on them where you can do all this or there are some free or low cost options out there as well.

Third thing that I think is incredible about YouTube. And this kind of hits back into that repurposing of content is search ability and discoverability. And now this may be one of the biggest benefits of using YouTube because you know who owns YouTube? Google owns YouTube, the grand poobah of search engines. This means that when you upload that video, they are converting all of the audio in your video into text, making it searchable inside of YouTube and also inside of Google. You can find things that you\’re looking for, whether it be looking through Google, whether you\’re looking for YouTube, it\’s going to pull up those results. This means that content you put up though, it can be found for years and years and years. Long term search ability means long term discoverability.

You see YouTube and Google, they don\’t just value newnes like on a platform like Instagram or Facebook or TicTok, where it\’s what is hot right now. What\’s the video that\’s popping off? And today, basically. What they\’re actually looking for is the quality of content and they will show it for years and years and years.

One of the things that I do when I search on Google, especially around like technical solutions that I\’m looking for, I pay attention to the date. The date can actually show that it\’s a rock solid solution, meaning that it\’s worked years ago and it still works now. Or it can just be an indicator that I need to make sure that when I\’m searching, I say, show me something with this current year, that type of a thing. That being said, YouTube and Google will continue to provide results that people deem valuable. It\’s not a one and done it sits there and it\’ll bring you traffic for years.

Fourth the thing I love about YouTube is the ability to make money. Now, I\’m sure you\’ve heard of YouTube millionaires and all these sorts of things that\’s out there. It\’s available. It could be you if you applied yourself and videos and consistency in the right way. It just is true. So let\’s caveat this with it\’s simple but not necessarily easy.

It takes time, energy, effort. Big thing is, it takes commitment. You need to consistently post content that people want to see and make it easy for them to find and discover. That being said, if you watch videos on YouTube and you get served a commercial, somebody is making money in that moment. And while it can take a little while, maybe one to two years, to actually get to the place where you\’re earning money, your significant money, it\’s entirely possible to do.

You can put your own products into the description and make note of it in your video, too. So it\’s not just that you\’re making only money off those ads that YouTube puts in there. You can also do content advertising, content marketing people. See what you\’re doing in the video. They\’re watching you do it. So you gain instant validation that you\’re the expert and then they look to you to buy what it is that you\’re selling. And I\’m super simplifying it. But consistent effort will yield success for you here.

Fifth thing that I love about YouTube, it\’s a free resource for housing video that you can use on your website. It\’s an amazing resource to just be able to pop your video somewhere and then stick it into your website. So if you have a weekly message that you put out, maybe you\’re doing something on stories or on Facebook or IGTV or something like that.

You put this on YouTube, you can embedded into a blog post on your website. So this kind of goes back to some of that repurposing of content too. When you control the environment where someone is experiencing your content, you get to control that experience more. So somebody lands on TV, they\’re watching it, and you\’re going to like it. They\’re going to drop a comment. They\’re going to follow you. There\’s not a whole lot else to do. If you put that onto your own page as additional opportunity for people to experience it. Maybe you have an email list, maybe you have a new blog post and you\’re doing SEO to bring people in that way. Person lands on your website, they watch the video. You can also share your latest offer at the top of the page, all those types of things. Now, one of the things you know with YouTube is that when the video ends, it gives you a whole bunch of options of videos that you can click on and all that sort of stuff. And it moves you off of your stuff. When you put it into a website, there are some things that you can do which will actually present only your videos to the user at the very end. Again, you get to control more of that experience.

YouTube really is an incredible platform and resource and it can be an incredible piece of your marketing plan and certainly your longer term revenue generating plans.

If you\’d like to talk about what YouTube can do for you, send me a message. You can find me on my website, sharp team design dotcom. You can find me on Instagram at Schachte team better by design. There you can find me on Facebook all over the place. You can find me hit up in the show of this. Send me a message. I would love to talk to you about how you can use YouTube in your business.

Now, if you found something in here today that you didn\’t know before or that is helpful for what you are looking to do, snap a screenshot of the podcast post it to your social media. Tag me a sharp team better by design and share this with your friends. Be a person that creates the opportunity for those around you.

Thank you so much for listening. Links are in the show, notes geniuses out there before you go out there and do amazing things.

Thank you for listening. I love connecting with people and helping them elevate both in life and business. And this is just one of the ways I get to do that. Now it\’s up to you to take what you heard, synthesize anything that resonated with you and choose to add it into your life. Because when we do that, we create a life that is better by design.

Show Notes

YouTube is an incredible resource for your business and filled with tons of opportunity for you to make money.

Let\’s get into the why and the how and see if growing your presence on YouTube might be a game changer for you!

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