This simple change will supercharge your marketing!

Have you ever stepped up to the counter at Starbucks and said out loud half to yourself, half to the cashier “What do I want to drink today?”

Chances are in that moment the barista asked you if you want something hot or cold and then offered you a very specific drink. 

What they did in that moment was make something very easy for you. A decision. They made a choice for you and simply waited for your brain to say, “that sounds easy, let’s go with that, sure I’ve never tried a double super mocha frappuccino but I can get on board with it, let’s do it.”  

And you find yourself saying “Sure.” 

The same logic applies to emails, social media posts and any other communications you have with your customers. Before you release that beautifully crafted image for instagram think about what you want your audience to do. Is it sign up for your life changing PDF you are offering or maybe it’s simply sharing this idea with a friend who they think it will brighten their day or maybe you want them to call you or sign up for an upcoming class. 

Whatever that is, be clear, direct and allow it to flow as part of the language in your content. 

It’s one of the rules I always have with clients I work with, guide your audience to the next step and make it easy and beneficial for them to take that action!

If you are already doing this, way to go! Stop and celebrate yourself for a minute because you are doing great things for your audience and your business. If this is something you want help with, setup a discovery session with us and see how we can make things easier for you!

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