3 Effective Ways to Grow Your Small Business Audience


And this is great news!

Do you want to know why?

Because knowing this, we can easily take what we know from relationships and apply it directly to our business.

As you know, with most successful relationships, consistency is key. When you show up consistently in your relationships you create trust and expectancy, and the same will be true with your audience. This predictability can help solidify a place in your audience’s daily or weekly routine. How good does that sound, to have your audience looking for you?!

So what are some practical examples of how you can do this in your business? Keep reading for 3 effective ways you can grow your small business with marketing.

First, let’s talk social media. Whether you are a sporadic poster or random go live’r, adding in some branded consistency will create a space for you to show up powerfully and for your audience to be on the lookout for you.

You might be wondering, “What does branded consistency look like?”

Great question!

This can be accomplished by creating a themed space in your favorite social media account. Think of this kind of like a TV show, where you show up each week as the professional.

For instance, If you’re in the health space, you could have “Feeling Fabulous Friday” and talk about foods, exercise, well-being; anything that aligns with your business. The key to this is consistency. You are creating an event that becomes part of people’s lives.

Adding engagement can be as easy as polling your audience on what or who they would like to hear about in the coming weeks. Make reference throughout the week to field questions or ask for feedback, and your audience will eventually build your content with you. Remember: the best content is the content your audience asks for! 

Second, start to look to expand across platforms to connect with people. If your primary audience is on social media, adding an email list is a powerful complement. It’s both a means to connect with people who may not be following you on social media and is another way to connect with your audience who may not see all of your daily content.

The key here again, be consistent. Send an email everyday, or the same day each week, or once a month. Whatever you decide, just be 100% committed to showing up when you say you will for your audience. Remind them in each email when the next one is coming and, if you have the topic, provide a teaser!

Finally, take what you have been using in the first two options and look to repurpose it. Setting up a website with a blog or creating a YouTube channel is easier to do than you might think. Both are great ways to have your content available on the internet indefinitely and for connecting with people through search engines.

A quick idea is to take the weekly video series you created for your social media and repost into YouTube or onto a blog. You can run the video through a transcription service like sonix.ai or rev.com and it will give you all the written text – perfect for a blog or for providing a transcript of a YouTube video. This gives another place where you are showing up consistently, gives another way for your audience to experience what you have to offer and a way for others to easily find you over the long haul! 

Remember, when it comes to your business, find the solutions that work the best for you. Commit to it and show up consistently both for yourself and for your audience. Consistency is what will pay dividends in your relationships and your bank account! 

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